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Rhymes with Fortune

I stuck my thumb in a rotten orange today. I was in line at the register, waiting to buy a rare healthy snack, unconsciously using the fruit as Nature’s stressball, when my thumb found a perfectly thumb-sized patch of rot and submerged. I was offended: I had purposefully selected that orange as the most appealing among the others available on the ornate orange pedestal; I was trying to be Good; how dare this bourgeois deli exist anyway.

Orange you glad I…? No.

I backed out of line, replaced the fruit on the pedestal and selected another orange. I should have probably handed the spoiled one over to the cashier or at least pointed it out but I felt vengeful. The backup orange still sits on my desk untouched, a symbol of a bad decision. It has a scar and brown freckles and a vaguely obscene navel; I do not want to eat it.

At the end of a (day? week? month? year?)… let’s say, “period” of portent and ennui of varying existential severity, the rotten orange seems significant. Personal.



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It’s been a distracting day. I started out with the best of intentions and realized halfway through that I would need some serious comfort food at lunchtime to remain upright. I am in a phase where I sort of forego everything I know about how to eat well and just focus on eating anything at all. There have been plenty of fried chicken parts consumed, let’s just say that.

I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin'... it's way too damn close to the damn subway for me NOT to succumb!

I am not proud of this.

I am tentatively dipping my toes into the stagnant NYC job market waters and I’m literally dizzy either from the prospects or from the panic and the caffeine. Coca-Cola really gets me high these days for some reason, and yet I crave it. Sort of like once in a while I crave a 5-piece chicken dinner with fries, two rolls and beaucoup hot sauce: conceptually comforting but in reality kind of gross, heart palpitation-inducing and no doubt killing me.


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